How it all began

One Christmas a 17-year-old young man who was in foster care in Palm Beach County, Florida had made a request on the Salvation Army Christmas Tree in Palm Beach Gardens Mall. He didn’t request a fancy new gaming system or $100.00 sneakers, he knew that his life was about to start and he had no where else to turn, but to ask for kindness from a stranger at Christmas time. He asked for pots and pans, so he could cook himself a meal. He asked for dishes, silverware and glassware, so he could eat that meal with dignity. He asked for a pillow and a blanket and sheets, so that he would have a nice bed to sleep in and feel safe and warm. He asked for the very things that 

most people provide for their own children when they move out. He had no parents to ask.


Erin Udell, an operating room nurse in Palm Beach County picked that young man's angel and provided him with his list and more. Being a mother of two young adults who had just embarked on their own journeys of independence, she recognized the difficulties ahead for this young man and that his needs were solid and tangible. This young man and his needs were the inspiration and starting point for My Own Home Project Inc.