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Mission Statement

The Mission of My Own Home Project Inc. is to supply new household items to young adults who age out of the foster care system in Palm Beach County, Florida. As they move out and transition into adulthood and independent living, our aim is to make that transition less stressful and more comfortable. By providing this essential service to deserving and underserved youth, we help them to establish a sense of personal pride and security within their own new surroundings.

Why We Do What We Do

For many of us, the transition to adulthood was aided with the help of caring parents or relatives. Unfortunately, the youth that we serve who come out of the foster care system, lack the familiar support and resources on their path to independence. While state support services are available such as counseling, education and housing, My Own Home Project, Inc., provides an important piece of the puzzle needed on the road to independence. Through our many distribution parties, we’ve witnessed first hand the transformative experience that the acquisition of household items gives, as the youth walk away with a sense of ownership and pride, which in turn fosters a sense of safety and bonding with their new surroundings and proving them with a feeling of “this is their own home” and giving life to a fresh new beginning. 


Al'Niqua - "A great home starts with great support. Thank you."


Kaitlyn - "Thanks for all the great stuff, I really appreciate it because I can really use it."


McAra - "I really am thankful for this project. Without this I don't know what I would have done."


LaKellseyia - "I really thank you for all that you have done for me, thanks for the gifts and God bless!"


Shaneca - "My Own Home Project will and is helping and changing lives in good ways. I would love to help in future projects! "


Shaunice - "Thank you so very much." :)


Cinthia - "The little things that make up a home, you provided for us. Thank you."


Cornelius - "It is going to help us in independent living. We can move out like regular young men and women. Thank you."

Taylor - "I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting together your project. It has helped a lot and I'm grateful for being a part of it and for what you have done for me and all the other foster kids. I would love for your project to one day become state wide, I really do believe it makes a difference and it also shows that there is still hope in the world. One kind act like yours can make a major difference in someone's life." 


Shannen - "Thank you for this opportunity."


Luis - "What you are doing is very helpful to me, thank you."


Timeeka - "I would love to help with a future project!"


Ashley - "This thing is AWESOME!!"


Victoria - "I thank all the people who donated so they can help me."


Khalifa - "Thanks for all the things, I needed them."


Hunter - "I appreciate all the good things you guys are doing for kids in foster care."


Julian - "Of course this is a great thing for any kids aging out of the system."


Robert - "Thank you so very much."



What these young people say

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